In the double episode (E103 "Zum Fressen gern" & E104 "Vogelhochzeit") for the finale of the 8th season of A House Of Animals befinden sich
Martin Kalkbrenner (Sebastian Achilles) and Petra Krämer (Jana Reinermann)
are already intensively preparing for their wedding.
Unfortunately, Martin's new independence as a food truck operator does not yield enough financially
and a lot of improvisation has to be done.
Friends and family help out energetically - but on the decisive day
everything seems to go wrong:
the caterer cancels, the wedding cake is mislabeled,
a complete power failure and when the rings disappear along with children,
chaos is perfect.

The episodes were shot in St.Peter in Black Forest and the surrounding area.
Directed by Frank Stoye.

"A House Of Animals - To devour with pleasure"
Sun 09-May-2021 // 08:35 am // ARD
"A House Of Animals - Birds Wedding"
Sun 09-May-2021 // 09:00 am // ARD

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